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Haunting Spectre Road

Haunting Spectre Road
Author: Tinadannis
Latest: Chapter 2

  It was said that if soht, they will die a blood-covered death, their face filled with terror She didn’t believe it and went there alone And guess what happened? Before her death, she used all her reth and said two sentences, “Death is inevitable! There is no escape!” Strange things kept on happening, people were dying, did it all start with the girl that co Lu, Shen Fang, shiTing, Ah Qiang and Uncle Li will take you on a journey of no return Suspense and horror, supernatural eleic, truth and reality vs fake and false, love and fraternal bonds, huhosts, evil and justice, love and hate Tinadannis shows you a world of intertwinedfor the university cah coeneration of talented individuals leave, it alone re Resentment, like love, can also be endless Therefore, exists the never ending night only to the school campus (excerpt fro Spectre Road?tetralogy brought to you by horror writer?Tinadannis, the fast paced?first book will leave you wondering about what’s to come next and the fate of the characters