Chapter 5 (2/2)

The Jade Heavenly Long Sword Stele was entirely black and gold in color. However, there was not a single trace of brilliance on it. It was no different from an ordinary mountain rock. Lin Feng was stunned when he saw the scene before him.

He was a little confused about the current situation. How should he make the effect of the wonder take effect next?

The blueprint clearly stated that the first stage of forging only needed to follow the steps and cast the Sword Stele into shape before it could be used.

The successfully forged Sword Stele would immediately give the sect’s disciples the luck of the way with the sword.

Now that he had completed forging the wonder, nothing happened.

Lin Feng could not help but suspect that he had made some mistakes during the forging process that caused the current Sword Stele to lose its effectiveness.

“Oh right, the system!”

After pondering for a long time, and not having any leads, Lin Feng remembered that he still had the system.

Sinking his consciousness into his mind, he clicked open a few large words that were still floating.

Once again, he carefully looked at the description. At the end of the description on the front page, there was a line marked with a very small font.

“After the wonder is completed, the power of the wonder needs to be injected to make the wonder take effect.”

Seeing this, Lin Feng finally understood why the successfully forged Sword Stele did not have any reaction. It turned out that the most important power of the wonder had yet to be injected into it.

Later, Lin Feng found the method in the system to inject the power of the wonder into the completed wonder, and his consciousness returned to reality.

He began to try to mobilize the power of the wonder in his body and inject it into the Jade Heavenly Long Sword.

As the power of the wonder was injected into the Sword Stele, the entire Sword Stele emitted a fluorescent white light. On the black and gold-colored Stele, faint golden patterns that seemed to contain Dao rhythm appeared, making the Sword Stele look extremely mysterious and high quality.

Lin Feng looked at the completely changed Sword Stele. He tried to carve the words “Green Sky Sect, the Holy Land of Sword Cultivation. All the disciples are geniuses in sword cultivation, and their Sect Master is a sword prodigy cultivator. His talent in sword cultivation is one in ten thousand, and he can split Heaven and Earth with one sword strike and kill ghosts and gods” on the Stele.

On the other side, Zhang Wanqing came out of the Treasury.

She did not ask Lin Feng where he planned to go to forge the wonder. If she wanted to find him now, it would take her a while.

When she walked to the square in front of the Main Hall, she caught sight of the streak of purple energy that was rapidly drifting across the horizon.

However, she was being pestered by the disciples to ask if there was really a wonder that could enhance the sect’s luck. She was interrupted, and when she raised her head again, she could no longer find the direction in which the streak of purple energy drifted away.

She had no choice but to deal with the disciples around her first.

Zhang Wanqing could roughly guess that the so-called wonder mentioned by Lin Feng was nothing more than a facade to stabilize the disciples’ emotions.

The purpose of saying this was very simple. He wanted to shoulder this matter alone so that the Green Sky Sect would have nothing to do with this matter.

Therefore, when she was stopped by the disciples to ask whether the wonder was real or not, she did not know how to explain it to them..

Just as Zhang Wanqing was rendered speechless by the question…

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A large patch of auspicious clouds drifted over from outside the Green Sky Sect, covering the sky.

The auspicious clouds brought not only the most beautiful scenery, but also rich spiritual energy. On the mountain where the auspicious clouds drifted over, all the plants looked as if they had been washed; they did not look decadent at all; instead, they looked luxuriant and full of spiritual energy.

On the square, Zhang Wanqing and the disciples all raised their heads and stared at the auspicious clouds until they stopped in the sky above the Ancestral Master Hall at the back of the mountain and gradually turned into a deeper and deeper shade of purple.

As the auspicious clouds passed by, the purple color in the sky continued to spread for a long time without dissipating.

At the same time, everyone sighed heartily. So this was the purple energy that came from thirty thousand miles east..