Chapter 11 (1/2)

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Lin Feng sighed in his heart as he followed the soldier out the city gates.

“My Lords, I am the gatekeeper of the Longyan County. Please call me Suo Tian,” The soldier who came up to greet Lin Feng and his group carefully introduced himself.

They didn’t go far before Lin Feng saw cultivators wearing differently fashioned robes entering and exiting through an even taller gate.

“Sir, according to the law, please show me your sect certificate.”

Even as a gatekeeper, Suo Tian was intimidated by Lin Feng’s unrestrained aura just now, thus he seemed meek when he said this.

Hearing this, Lin Feng turned his head to look at Zhang Wanqing.

Zhang Wanqing understood and took out the Green Sky Sect’s sect certificate from her storage ring and handed it to Suo Tian who was waiting at the side.

After taking the certificate with both hands, Suo Tian opened it. When he saw the three big words “Green Sky Sect” as well as the huge seal of the Great Spring Dynasty underneath, he knew that the certificate was genuine.

However, even after Suo Tian thought for a long time, he still couldn’t recall ever hearing of the Green Sky Sect that Lin Feng and his group were from.

Based on the Qi of the sword that surrounded them when they had arrived at the city gates, Suo Tian speculated that Lin Feng and the others were probably the disciples that have come out on an adventure from a hidden sect in Longyan County. Otherwise, the Green Sky Sect wouldn’t sound so unfamiliar.

He thought especially so because the aura of Lin Feng who had the Supreme Sword Body was still astonishingly sharp even though he had deliberately restrained it.

On top of that, the only female disciple in the group seemed to have an extraordinary status since the sect certificate was in her hands.

Although the remaining five disciples were slightly weaker, they were still sword cultivators who had comprehended sword intent.

Thinking of this, Suo Tian immediately handed the sect certificate back to Zhang Wanqing respectfully.

“Lords, I have finished my inspection. You may enter the city now.”

Lin Feng looked at the disciples of the other sects who were still in line. He pondered for a while but didn’t say anything more. He nodded at Suo Tian and led the disciples into the city.

At the city gates, Lin Feng and the others had attracted the attention of many cultivators as soon as they arrived.

Even if they were cultivators, they still had to follow the rules and go through the inspection line to enter the city.

Let alone the fact that Lin Feng and the others didn’t even have to queue up to enter the city, even the person who had just checked their sect certificate was a gatekeeper.

This itself said volumes. Even though many were quite displeased for Lin Feng and the others to have entered the city directly, the gatekeeper had personally allowed them to enter. To a certain extent, it represented the will of the government.

The disciples of small sects held the principle that it was better to avoid trouble when they were out. And thus, they would naturally avoid causing trouble for themselves.

However, among the cultivators was one with quite a good cultivation base and could thus see through the matter further than others.

“We absolutely can’t provoke these people. It’s just a small adventurer team, yet all of them are sword cultivators who have the strongest killing power. It’s impossible that they don’t have a large sect supporting behind them!” That cultivator muttered in a low voice. It was unclear whether he was saying it to himself or to remind someone.

The cultivators who were lining up watched as Lin Feng and the others disappeared through the gates and were all discussing in low voices.

“Senior brother, can you tell who those people are with your knowledge?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Those people just now are so intimidating. They didn’t even pay spirit stones to enter the city…”

A few of the younger disciples surrounded their senior brothers and were discussing noisily.

“Those people are indeed not to be provoked. Remember, in the future, when you leave the mountain for adventure, don’t get too close to such people if you encounter them,” The slightly older disciple looked at the indignant and depressed expressions on his junior brother’s faces and felt rather smug in his heart as he said, “Among those people just now, I can tell from the temperament of the leaders of the group, that man and woman, that they’re from a large sect. The five people behind them who are slightly weaker should be their brothers who are following them on their adventure. Most importantly, there are seven people in a small team, and all of them are sword cultivators!”