Chapter 12 (2/2)

Then, with a pained expression, he stuffed the scattered copper coins that he had just collected into Zhang Wanqing’s hands along with a few pieces of silver.

Zhang Wanqing’s brows were tightly knitted. At this moment, Lin Feng came to her side and returned the belongings in her hands to the village chief.

At this moment, a discordant voice came from the crowd, “The harvest this year wasn’t good, to begin with. These so-called celestials have come in waves. Each of them received plenty of gifts, yet none of them solved our problem…”

“Dazhuang, shut up. How can you speak so casually of the celestials! Dazhuang’s wife, why aren’t you stopping him? Your man has no filter, but are you also so brainless!?”

The five senses of the cultivators were sharp. The moment the man who was as buff as a tower began to speak, everyone noticed him.

Halfway through the man’s words, the village chief hurriedly interrupted him. Even if they thought so in their minds, they couldn’t say it out loud, let alone in front of the celestials.

After the village chief reprimanded the man, he turned around and reprimanded the submissive little woman standing beside the man.

“Celestials, I’m sorry. Da Zhuang fell and hit his head when he was young, so he speaks without thinking. Please be magnanimous and don’t think much of his words,” After lecturing the villager called Da Zhuang, the village chief put on a meek expression and apologized as if he was eager to please Lin Feng and Zhang Wanqing.

Lin Feng finally understood. It seemed that these villagers all thought that they were here to take advantage of the situation. No wonder they spoke with thorns in their words when talking to them.

“Village chief, we received the Imperial Court’s mission from the Longying Pavilion. Regardless of all else, we will go up the mountain to help you solve your problems. We will also be paid by the Imperial Court when we go back, so we don’t need anything from you,” Lin Feng hurriedly explained. Since it was a misunderstanding, it only needed to be resolved.

After hearing Lin Feng’s explanation, the village chief stood rooted to the ground. Even the surrounding villagers had looks of doubt on their faces. The situation was somewhat different from what they had thought.

Seeing that the village chief and the others still did not believe it, Lin Feng asked his junior sister to take out the document that the Longying Pavilion had issued when they accepted the mission and let the villagers take a look.

With the document as evidence, the village chief and the villagers finally trusted them and led them into the village.

After entering the village, Lin Feng and the others saw a few disciples in the robes of other sects arguing with the villagers about something on the main road.

“Why are you so ignorant, old man? Didn’t we say that we would definitely resolve this matter when our elder comes?” The disciple in the lead did not even bother to hide the arrogant and domineering expression on his face.

“Though, you should know, with our elder being such a strong Qi cultivator, how can he make a move for such a small matter? We are here asking for some good stuff for you so we can ask the elder to come and solve the problem for you. If you are so stingy, how can we invite the elder?!” As he spoke, the disciple even pushed and shoved the old man in front of him.

How could the old man withstand such shoving from the young man? He immediately lost his balance and stumbled backward. Fortunately, a young man from the village was able to help him stand still in time.

However, the movements of the old man caused the other sect disciples to burst into laughter.

Watching all this unfold, Lin Feng’s expression was full of disdain.

“Sect master, the one who pushed the old man was the East Sun Sect disciple who came to the spirit mine to cause trouble. Xiaowu was severely injured by him,” Ming Yuxuan’s gnashing voice came into Lin Ming’s ears.

The disciple who had been severely injured and carried back to the sect after the conflict at the spirit mine was Yu Xuan’s best friend. Now that he saw the smug cultivator, it could be said that his eyes were filled with fury.

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After learning about the identity of the other party, Lin Feng instantly felt that it wasn’t strange at all that such a tasteless scene had happened.

Even though he hadn’t had any direct contact with the people of the East Sun Sect, the image of the sect in Lin Feng’s mind couldn’t be any worse.

The appearance of the group from the Green Sky Sect was also noticed by the disciples of the East Sun Sect.

The two sects had a long-standing grudge. As long as they encountered each other, neither of them would give the other a nice expression.

“Yo, aren’t these the trash from the Green Sky Sect?” As expected, the disciples from the Dongyang sect, who had been used to being domineering in front of the Green Sky Sect, immediately mocked Lin Feng and the others..